Becoming a LIFESMART Family

My journey as a professor and homeschooling parent has brought the differences between these two sets of experiences into sharp focus. Homeschooling is not schooling at home! Families learning together need a simple and flexible process to map their journey and to track their progress. The adjustment of family learning experiences to the ebb and flow of daily life needs tools and methods designed for this purpose.

My quest lasting over two decades resulted in LIFESMART. LIFESMART can be used by parents, teachers, learners, and others to organize their activities and to track progress. LIFESMART is a family-centered approach that focuses on family members learning together. Given the impact of COVID on schools, LIFESMART offers a way of engaging families and educational institutions in reshaping learning.

The 100-Day project is a recent exciting development that helps bridge short-term projects and long-term goals. The LIFESMART canvas is a tool that can be used to visualize the interactions between long-term goals and short-term projects.

The LIFESMART canvas is a visual summary of the LIFESMART approach that shows the key elements of the practice and how they interact. We use the canvas elements to map our journey and to track progress. The LIFESMART canvas shows a set of indicators that have shifted in a positive direction over the years.

Read about each section of the canvas to understand the LIFESMART elements.

Everyone has their unique formula for success!

Networks and 100-day projects are essential ingredients of the LIFESMART formula. As we do 100-Day projects and share in the LIFESMART community, we add resources that can be used in future projects. Since community members share resources regularly, we can also benefit from resources shared by others.

Chance Favors those who Invest in their Six Cs!

100-day projects grow six capacities (Six Cs)as community members share project ideas, experiences, and insghts daily.

  • Grow connections
  • Grow conversations
  • Gain clarity
  • Make choices with greater ease and confidence
  • Evolve competence
  • Evolve coordination (workflow, habits, routines)

LIFE is a journey from possibilities to progress!


100-Day projects start with an identification of possibilities. As community members share their ideas, experiences, and insights, others start considering possibilities that they might not have otherwise considered. Thus, networks play an important role in the development of 100-Day projects.


To be effective, 100-Day projects must be aligned with daily LIFE.

  • L: How will the 100-Day project impact daily Learning activities/routines?
  • I: How will the 100-Day project impact discovery and development of Interests?
  • F: How will the 100-Day project impact family interactions?
  • E: How will the 100-Day project impact community engagement?


SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-framed) goals are important because they express goals in a precise way that supports progress tracking. Under LIFESMART, we see projects becoming SMARTer over time. As we start doing activities daily, we are better able to develop specific and measurable objectives.


Use your Six Cs in doing LIFESMART projects. Practice is at the heart of integration. Connections and conversations help clarify and choose practice targets. They give suggestions for refining practice to develop skills and to evolve daily routines.

  • Connections
  • Conversations
  • Clarify possibilities, goals, and activities.
  • Make the right Choices
  • Grow knowledge and skills (Competence)
  • Evolve learning workflows and routines (Coordination)


100-Day projects increase our ability to track progress.

Growth is an activity not a spectacle!

100-Day projects shape action and serve as a guide for

  • Initiating the right projects
  • Adapting to changing circumstances
  • Sustaining what works
  • Extending activities gradually

Becoming LIFESMART requires focused, sustained effort!

100-Day projects are a key vehicle for becoming LIFESMART because focused, sustained effort each day of the 100-Day project moves us towards our long-term goals. We may not be able to define long-term goals and activities with precision. Define clear short-term goals and do projects. Adjust short-projects and long-term goals over time.