100-Day Projects and Other Experiences

Families Learning Together

The blog articles in this section include contributions by many community members. These community members contribute regularly in our Whatsapp groups.
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In July 2021, we are featuring Dr. Thejaswini Vikas and her son Lucky. Visit our blog to read an article by Dr. Thejaswini on visual learning.

About Families Learning Together

Families learning together is a process of learning throughout life. Families learning together is not focused on academic learning. The focus is on developing capacities and routines that support academic and other learning. We continue to develop learning capacities and routines throughout life. In contrast to traditional homeschooling, the focus of families learning together is lifelong learning that involves family members learning with each other and with members of their communities.

Parents do 100-Day projects that develop the capacity for learning and help build daily routines. Parents and learners are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences, and insights with members of the LIFESMART community. While such capacities and routines may evolve without conscious effort while raising typically developing children, deliberate and systematic effort is needed while raising children with sensory-motor, communication, and other challenges.

LIFESMART 100-Day Projects

The LIFESMART 100-Day project was launched in May 2021. Since we have diverse users, we needed a shared experience to teach LFIESMART. The 100-Day project has quickly taken root in our parent community. Read our posts about 100-Day projects here.


The 100-Day project is taking shape as our primary vehicle for practicing LIFESMART. Users are encouraged to practice LIFESMART concepts and tools as they are doing their 100-Day project. Read our posts about LIFESMART tools here.

LIFESMART 100-Day Worksheet

The 100-Day LIFESMART worksheet is a tool for thinking about the 100-Day project. The goal is to integrate long-term thinking and short-term projects. Read our posts about 100-Day worksheet here.

Build and Talk

Build and Talk is a key initiative of LIFESMART Home Enrichment and Learning Project. Build and Talk is a vehicle for families to learn together while developing lifelong learning capacities. Read our posts about Build and Talk here.