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Parent 100-Day Projects

Our first LIFESMART 100-Day Exploration was launched in May 2021. Parents chose projects such as 100 days of play, 100 days of co-regulation, and 100 days of talk. Each of the projects address the four LIFE goals

  • L: Create conditions for daily Learning
  • I: Discover and nurture child’s Interests
  • F: Enrich Family interactions
  • E: Foster Engagement with community

Shinjita Joshi-Pant, LIFESMART Virtual Meetup Coordinator

Vidusha is a beautiful young 11 yo girl, who is very happy being herself. She loves to sit among or rather in between her family and enjoy the conversations. Vidusha has very good vocabulary and has a good understanding of her environment. We chose #100daysofcoregulation as I feel there is a disconnect between myself and Vidusha though we are always together.

Manju Iyer

I am Manju Iyer and my daughter Lavanya is a 7-year old on the autism spectrum. Since Lavanya's diagnosis, I have been training myself continuously from that day and became a Play therapist. This kind of project is helping me to be on track and also I am developing a new habit of making notes of how I am working with my daughter so that it can help other parents. I am also organizing a 100 Days of Gratitude project for parents and children.

Thejaswini Vikas

I am Dr. Thejaswini Vikas and my son Nachiketh Vikas are 4yrs.. he has development delays with mild autism.. We are doing 100days project with PECS. The Picture Exchange Communication System, or PECS, allows people with little or no communication abilities to communicate using pictures. Pecs has helped my son communicate better his needs with me.

Ketakee Harsh

I am Ketakee and my 8 yrs old daughter Meera. I am a mother of two kids.I am a homemaker and my Meera is a loving and happy girl. I have participated in a 100 day challenge with the intention of strengthening my bond with Meera and improving her focus,surrounding awareness, coregulation and also communication. I am also encouraging Meera to play with her brother.

Prabha Gurukar

I am a mother of 14 years old boy Rishab who is on the autistic spectrum. He has complex issues in communication, social, fine motor skills and sensory. Rishab enjoys cycling, playing on the Ipad, swimming and music . Our 100 day project is called ‘Talk Time’ using the picture communication system (PECS). We chat about our daily activities.

Roopal Neema

My son Saumil Nema is 4.10 years-old. Our project is based on fun , games, learning new things and cooking. It is all about how to achieve new things without any studies with the child. How will the child respond to these new techniques and methods? We have a channel. Do like, subscribe to it

Bharati Shiva

Our 100 Day project is 100 Days of Geography. With this project I hope to have a systematic approach to daily learning. Geography ties with Anand's interests since he likes to see and explore new places. Trains, railway stations, Airports and planes fascinate him. We will also be doing 100 Days of Requesting with AAC, using a combination of PECS and AVAZ.


I am Samata and a mom to a 10 year old Devya. We have choosen our 100 days project as : 100 days of exercise. I have attached our plan and a photo of me and devya. Devya got diagnosed with autism when she was 2 years old. Over the years, I have read and also believe that exercise helps not only our body but our mind as well to be a better self. And thus we embark on the 100 day exercise challenge. And in the process to bond as well.

Saraswathy Padmanabhan

I am Saraswathy Padmanabhan from thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. I am a yoga teacher. I have one daughter sreeparvathy (14yrs) She is studying 9th std at kerala state school.(but we r started home schooling at her 6th std) She is good in accadamy. She has diagnosed autism at her 5th age. She is interest in music.

Shubha Anantha

Siddharth Ramaswamy is a rising senior on the autism spectrum. He is deeply passionate about music and has been learning the violin for the past 12 years. He also loves the outdoors and learning about psychology and the workings of people’s minds. Shubha Anantha ( Siddharth’s mother) has had a career as a scientist in the life science industry . For the past few years, she has been a homeschooler helping Siddharth with academics and other activities to reach his potential. 100 day project: Our 100 day project is two fold: 1. Introducing Siddharth to basics of python programming 2. Listening to a short news clip and writing about it.

Meghali Khare

I am Meghali Khare and my daughter Shivaya going to be 7 in July. She’s under spectrum but so cute and loves to create humor, very naughty fun loving. We are focusing on our 1. Music listening program(started on 1st April- 75 days over) 30 minutes of music listening 2 times a day along with some activity. Earlier we used to walk, bike ride or skating while listening to music but now Shivaya prefers to do it inside home so we do some deep pressure activities, puzzles, play with stickers/play dough, ball playing, lazy 8 tracing while listening to music. 2. Reflex Integration exercises(started on 1stJune, 15 days over)

Evolving 100-Day Projects over Time

Varsha's Projects

I have two daughters. Older one is 12 and younger one is 6. My younger one has some developmental delays.I like how 100 day play project is making me think new ideas to keep my girls engaged and this way I am committed to practice this everyday. So I thought of doing picture talk and writing as 100 day project

100 Days of Play

The first project that I chose was 100 days of play. I played with my younger daughter daily as part of the 100 day play. I also encouraged the two sisters to play together daily.

100 Days of Picture Study

Since our first 100 day project was working well, we decided to start our next one. I have started 100 days picture talk with my younger daughter. As she has speech delayed. It will help her to build sentences.

100 Days of Writing

I like how 100 day play project is making me think new ideas to keep my girls engaged and this way I'm committed to practice this everyday. So thought of doing picture talk and writing as 100day project

LIFESMART 100 day project ideas

100-Day project ideas based on projects shared in LIFESMART community.

  • 100 days of play
  • 100 days of talk
  • 100 days of daily learning activities
  • 100 days of coregulation

  • 100 days of picture study
  • 100 days of arts and crafts
  • 100 days of build and talk
  • 100 days of code

Health and wellness
  • 100 days of yoga
  • 100 days of grattitude