100-Days of LIFESMART Parenting

In August 2021, we launched a 100-Days of LIFESMART Parenting project in the LIFESMART community. Our intention is to add (+) resources to grow interactions (i) and clarify Thinking (T) by parents resulting in right action. We add ideas, suggestions, tools, and resources for parents daily. We are creating short conversation books to capture and preserve key information shared daily. Conversation books are intended to spark discussions and empower parents in taking action.

Mapping ideas with visual and tactile tools is a recurring theme in the LIFESMART community. We will be using a unique visualization approach based on folding circles using Wholemovement in our conversation books. There are many interacting elements in LIFESMART that can be modeled in a dynamic way using folded circles. We will combine modeling with circles and animations as needed.

    Each conversation book will include:
    • Key Ideas
    • Visualizations
    • Mental Models Matter
    • Tips for Parents
    • Designing Experiences

    Parent Learning and Guided Participation

    Our first conversation e-book is on guided participation. The guided paticipation relationship between a parent and child is of critical importance to a child's development. A parent's investment in learning how to be a better guide has long-term benefits for the child's learning with the parents and also with others.


      • 1. Focus on parent learning and child learning and not just child learning.
      • 2. Learn how to use scaffolding to enhance child engagemen
      • 3. Develop parent and child capacities for guided participation over time.
      • 4. Evolve parent and child roles as capacities grow.
      • 5. Consider the seven questions in the e-book while designing any experience.
      • 6: Practice gradual release of responsibility and co-creation with the child over time.

Is Homeschooling Right for Us?

Our second book is on homeschooling. In this e-book, we consider homeschooling from the perspective of guided participation. The guided participation relationship between a parent and child is the foundation of homeschooling. In turn, homeschooling expands opportunities to develop the guided participaton relationship.

This title of this e-book ("Is Homeschooling Right for Us?") communicates the intent of this book. We want to stimulate thinking on homeschooling to support decision-making by parents.


    • 1. Expand opportunities for guided participation with homeschooling.
    • 2. Practice guided participation throughout the day.
    • 3. First, focus on developing guided participation with the parent.
    • 4. Create other opportunities for developing guided participation relationships to enhance daily LIFE (L: learn daily, I: Interests, F: Family interactions, E: Engagement with Community).
    • 5. Look for possibilities for parent and child to be co-learners.
    • 6. Use the knowledge from homeschooling to be an advocate for your child.