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The right tools are

  • Notebook or Paper Plates
  • Googlesheet
  • Visual Mapping Tools

The LIFESMART 100-Day Roadmap

In the example shown above, we have used Thortspace to map our 100-Day project. The project map is organized according to four phases of a 100-Day project.

  • Initiating: We start a 100-Day project
  • Adapting: Make adjustments until it works
  • Sustaining: continue practicing for fluency
  • Extending: Make incremental changes and apply in other settings.

In our example, the four phases are as follows:
  • Initiating: Project is a priority for preparing efficiently for exam. It is also important for other projects. Initiating involves setting up OneNote notebook for one project and getting started.
  • Adapting: We have experimented with many tools. We are currently using other tools. Thus, learning workflow needs to be adapted to OneNote.
  • Sustaining: Ongoing use of OneNote during the 100-Day project to integrate OneNote in learning routine.
  • Extending: Extending OneNote use to other projects.


The LIFESMART wheel shows the elements documented in the roadmap for each phase.

I. Daily LIFE (blue)

  • L: Daily Learning activities
  • I: Learner's Interests
  • F: Family interactions
  • E: Community Engagement
II. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-framed) Projects (orange)

III. Capacities (Six Cs)
  • Connections
  • Conversations
  • Clarity
  • Choices
  • Competence (Knowledge and Skills addressed)
  • Coordination (Routines/ Workflows)
  • Resources (Routines/ Workflows)